Эссе на английском семья самое важное в жизни

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However, family is much more than that. But I can not agree with this point of view. Among all of aspects of life family is crucial one. In other words, they strive to be men of wealth. It is just the matter of harmonious balance between work and family, the matter of establishing right priorities and values.

It means that the most important people in our lives are our family members.

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Family is represented by a close unit of parents and children living together. I believe that everyone wants to have a happy family and good relations with all its members.

In my opinion, a happy family should have mutual interests, hopes and dreams to share. Other important issues are love, trust and respect. No family can exist without love. Happiness is also impossible without love. When people love each other, they can overcome all the obstacles. Unfortunately, modern couples often build their relations on some other values, such as money, social position, etc. Интересы, навыки, цели и образование членов семьи предопределяют нашу будущую жизнь.

Например, те дети, которые принадлежат к семьям с богатым образованием, склонны больше учиться. This is where you are completely tension free and everyone is there to provide comfort, emotional support, nurturing and the warmth of affection and tenderness. Relatives help эссе на английском семья самое важное в жизни to survive through tough times and bring joy and happiness into life. Families bond together make each member feel important and instill trust belief in ourselves.

They are ready to help us and to do everything for us. Кроме того, семья — это место, где вы можете быть самим собой, где вас принимают за то, чем вы являетесь.

Здесь вы полностью свободны от напряжения, и все здесь, чтобы обеспечить комфорт, эмоциональную поддержку, заботу и теплоту привязанности и нежности. Родственники помогают нам выжить в трудные времена и принести радость и счастье в жизнь.

Семьи связывают друг друга, чтобы каждый член чувствовал себя важным и внушал доверие к. Они готовы помочь нам и сделать для нас.

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Finally, Household has a great social importance and makes better society. A perfect family is a good example. She raises a citizen and gives us example of behavior in society. Values and traditions shape the culture of the family and ultimately the culture of the nation.

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That is why, family is the most important institution. In conclusion, I would like to say that people ought to appreciate having a family. S Спасибо за проверку. Вернуться к началу. Лучшая благодарность за помощь — рассказать о нас в социальных сетях!

Family plays an important role in the life of everyone. Firstly, members of the family support and respect each other. However, times changes and today the typical age of marriage is from 20 up to They should share everyday joys and sorrows with their parents. Others argue that career is more important in our society.

Если Вам нужно выполнить задание, но сами Вы делать ничего не хотите, то смотрите форум платная помощь. But can we realize that it is the most significant part of our lives? Let us start by considering the facts. Recent research showsthat expressions of affection towards children reduce behaviour problems. In addition, we need a family for comfort and protection.

That is why , you should be closer to them, love and appreciate your family. Проверьте, пожалуйста Спасибо.

For example, when we have some problems all family members trн to help us and give us support. So, we can rely on their help whatever happens. Finally, I think it is quite lovely to have the family round and to know they are interested in me.

Thus, I never feel lonely. Nevertheless, there is an opinion that family do not play a great role in our life because it has not got any value for some people. They claim that family keeps them in captivity and imprison them from freedom. Moreover, many people want to reach success by doing their career and family is like a burden.

So, they reject an idea of building a family. Эссе на английском семья самое важное в жизни totally disagree with this opinion.

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I am sure that we are our own worst enemy and only we can burder ourselves, but family could not imprison people from freedom. For example, despite the fact that women bear responsibility for creating family there are many businesswomen who grow up their children as well as make their own businness.

To sum up, I want to say that people should make their own choice whether to build a family or not.

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В самом начале говорилось "They prefer a successful career to a lovely family", но в дальнейшем эта тема не раскрывалась, никаких аргументов и контр-аргументов я не заметила по этому поводу. Так вот, мне не ясно зачем это было вообще написано.

  • I agree with this point of view.
  • Будем благодарны, если вы укажите на обнаруженные ошибки в тексте.
  • For instance those children who belong to the families which have a rich education background tend to learn more.
  • In my opinion, the fact that family is priceless makes us believe in its importance.
  • Я предполагаю, что среди всех жизненных ценностей семья была и будет самой важной частью жизни.
  • That is why , you should be closer to them, love and appreciate your family.
  • Firtstly, caring, loving family will always stand for you, it will always have your back, even if you ever take a false step.

I suppose that among all vital values the family was and will be the most important part of life. All what we do during our life, we must do for our relatives and family. And for instance, if we had some troubles, we would look for a help in the family.

Others argue that career is more important in our society.

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In conclusion, I only want to say that every person can have their own opinion and life preferences, but despite all facts we must agree with the statement that family is one of the most important obligatory aspects in our life. Некоторые люди думают, что самая важная вещь — семья.


Лично, я соглашаюсь с этим заявлением. Я предполагаю, что среди всех жизненных ценностей семья была и будет самой важной частью жизни. Однако семья — это ещё и очень сложная система отношений, занимающая важное место среди всех типов взаимоотношений в обществе. Именно в семье человек узнает и перенимает моральные и духовные ценности, образ жизни и мировоззрение.

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Для девушки же быть в 23 года и старше не замужем было позором. Однако времена меняются и теперь типичным возрастом вступления в брак считается лет. Более того, все больше людей предпочитают сперва построить карьеру и только после этого начинают думать о семье.